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Portable IR thermometer calibration checker

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THE Convir Model PTK-IR pyrometry calibration checker, from Heastern Industries , offers an ideal method for periodic calibration checking of infra-red temperature sensors without the need to disconnect or remove those IR devices from service or from an installation.

Whether the IR sensors to be tested are fixed or handheld, the PTK IR calibrator offers a simple and effective method to check their accuracy and performance.

This inexpensive piece of test equipment saves time and money by identifying potential calibration inaccuracies early, thus reducing production errors, down-time and maintains product consistency and quality.

The PTK-IR temperature tester's check probe consists of a black anodised aluminium disk, which has a heating element bonded to the underside. The disk heats to approximately 40°C above ambient.

A high accuracy thermistor is mounted into the probe that monitors the temperature of the disk. This temperature is displayed on the handheld indicator and may be compared with the reading from the infra-red sensor to track its calibration.

The PTK-IR temperature tester's power supply has an adjustable output, so that the calibration test temperature can be varied. The probe can also be used without the heater activated to check calibration at ambient temperatures.

The measurement range of the PTK-IR temperature tester is from -50°C to + 150°C.

The manufacturer's stated error between disk temperature and thermistor temperature is less than 0.5°C. Thermistor accuracy is rated at better than 0.2°C

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