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Non-contact temperature measurement to 2500°C

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article image Exergen’s infrared thermocouple sensor.

HEASTERN Industries has announced the release of an extended range of infrared thermocouple sensors (self-powered) from Exergen Corp of the USA.

Designated the IRt/c Series, these infrared sensors are designed for non-contact temperature measurement, up to 2500°C in dusty and unfriendly environments.

Claimed to be much smaller and more robust than conventional infrared temperature measurement devices, and incorporating an integral air-purge feature to keep the optics clean (and cool) at all times, the completely self-powered IRt/c generates a thermocouple equivalent output signal from the infrared energy being emitted by the measured target.

The output of all IRt/c infrared thermocouple sensors are interfacable (and compatible) with any existing thermocouple measuring device such as (thermocouple input) temperature controllers, temperature transmitters, temperature indicators, recorders and PLCs.

The leads on an IRt/c are identical to those found on conventional thermocouples (ie: thermocouple compensating cable).

As with conventional thermocouples, the IRt/c Series of infrared thermocouples can be wired in parallel or in series, for average or combined temperature monitoring of a moving product.

The thermocouples are currently available in J, K, T, R, S and E calibration types, and all versions maintain good repeatability over their specified temperature ranges, and are ideal for temperature measurement in real-world conditions.

The most popular model has a field-of-view of 3:1 (17°) and a sensing range of -40 to +650°C, and will monitor targets as small as 5mm diameter.

Other models in the range cover narrower fields-of-view of up to 100:1 (for longer sighting distances and higher temperature ranges).

There are currently over 40 models to select from, all of which have an integral air-purge facility.

Constructed in a stainless steel housing and with a silicon optical window, the IRt/c infrared thermocouples are hermetically sealed to IP65, to protect against any ingress of water and air.

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