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Non-contact laser distance measurement

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HEASTERN Industries has announced a range of laser measuring instruments (non-contact) from Lase-Moduloc UK.

These non-contact precision distance, position and gauging meters can compute/measure the speed of objects to a distance of 1500 metres, with an accuracy of ±5mm. Over short distances of 80 metres, they can resolve length to ±1mm.

Ideally suited for distance and speed measurements, these MRS laser distance meters operate utilising laser pulsed Time of Flight (ToF) measurement techniques.

That is, the NRS-LDM transmits ultra-short bursts of laser light to a target, and the ToF to the target and back is then computed into a precision distance.

Applications are varied and include measuring length, width and position of product, as well as the product's remote speed. The laser beams are categorised Class 1 - Safe Devices.

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