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Direct mounting vibration transmitter

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article image TheIQ2310 vibration transmitter.

HEASTERN Industries has announced its range of loop-powered direct mounting vibration transmitters manufactured by IMC Instruments.

The IQ2310 is designed for continuous measurement of vibration severity on machinery such as compressors, fans, turbines, blowers, pumps and other rotary machines, and provides protection against damage due to abnormal conditions.

The instrument operates as a true two-wire transmitter with an output of4-20mA, which would be proportional to the level of vibration measured in velocity.

An internally mounted piezoelectric accelerometer is used as the primary measuring element. The signal-processing amplifier is state-of-the-art technology, and a degree of protection has been built in to protect against transient surges along transmission lines.

The design ensures superior operation over a wide variation in supply voltage, and incorporates a PCB with a solid ground plane, resulting in RFI suppression (a 2-way radio or mobile phone will have nil effect at distances greater than 100mm away from the IQ2310).

Housed in an epoxy-coated cast aluminium housing, the IQ2310 vibration transmitter is easy to install (direct mounting), and is of a robust construction.

It is a relatively low-cost device that provides continuous round-the-clock protection of machinery against excess damage when malfunctions and other abnormalities (such as bearing wear) might occur.

Heastern can supply associated monitoring instruments, indicators, recorders, alarm and trip modules, and power supplies that complement the IQ2310 vibration transmitter, resulting in a true vibration monitoring system. Heastern Industries 03 9894 1228.

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