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Mystat is a student-oriented variation of Systat statistical software product. Mystat features are related to topics that are covered in University statistics courses.

Mystat is a limited version of Systat. Systat is a powerful statistics package that has every statistical procedure you need to carry out efficient statistical analysis of your data. With Systat, analysing and presenting environmental data requires less effort than with a business orientated statistical software system.

  • Mystat is can be downloaded at no expense for educational use
  • Mystat and Systat cannot be installed on the same computer
  • Teachers can download the Mystat theme for Systat 12 and see what students see in Mystat. The theme can be downloaded by clicking on utilities -> themes-> download themes in Systat
  • Mystat 12 comes with a PDF version of all Systat manuals

Mystat features

For all features dealing with probability distributions, only the exponential, lognormal, normal, uniform, t, F, chi-square, beta, gamma, logistic, binomial, discrete uniform and Poisson distributions are available.

Mystat features include:

  • Probability calculator
  • Random sampling
  • One-way frequency tables
  • Basic statistics
  • Stem-and-leaf plot
  • Row statistics
  • Fitting distributions
  • Tables
  • Loglinear model
  • Nonparametric tests
  • Correlations
  • Regression: Linear least squares, robust least absolute deviation (LAD), logit, Probit, Nonlinear
  • Analysis of variance: Estimate model
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Cluster analysis: Hierarchical clustering
  • K-clustering: K-means Algorithm, Additive trees
  • Factor analysis: Principal components (PCA) method
  • Time series

Mystat can at most accept 100 variables (Columns) with no limit on the cases (Rows). If you import a larger data file, only the first 100 variables will be read.

Mystat can be downloaded from the Hearne Scientific Software web site.

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