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OriginPro 8.1 from Hearne Scientific Software for data analysis and visualisation

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Service release 2 of Origin and OriginPro 8.1 makes these software programs some of the most accessible and user-friendly data analysis tools on the market, especially with the inclusion of 'gadgets' in the latest version.

Central to the Origin workflow are automation, personalisation and reuse. Analyses that have once been set up can be saved as templates, with the data stripped out and ready for repopulation. Batch processing allows the same analyses to be applied across multiple data sets, which can be selected on the fly.

Browser style shortcuts to particular Origin components can be saved in any convenient Origin Project Explorer folder, including the new Favourites folder for quickly accumulating collection of links in one place. Menus are reconfigurable to reflect the user's working priorities.

Five gadgets sit on top of this workflow comprising of curve integration, FFT, rise time, descriptive statistics and quick fitting. Each of them is applied to a currently active graph, and allows a region of interest (RoI) to be drawn using click and drag across the displayed data points. Once the RoI is drawn, it can be moved and resized using handles with results instantly reflecting the changes.

Already featuring a document oriented structure enabling near DTP reporting, Origin now offers an inboard slideshow presentation option with a very useful provision for exporting output to Microsoft PowerPoint for use within a conventional office environment.

There are also extensions to the graph types supported, to the ease with which multiple axes are used, and user controlled interfacing with LabTalk. Data reduction and rearrangement tools are provided (to a useful extent in Origin, considerably more so in OriginPro) as are filtered signal decimation, batch analysis of peaks using Origin 'themes', signal envelopes and rise/fall time analyses (in OriginPro only).

Another interesting and unusual option (only in OriginPro) is the area of surfaces fitted to three dimensional XYZ data.

Team project administration gains a detailed audit log and password-based access, which is a big gain for teams working in any serious institutional or corporate environment.

Origin and OriginPro 8.1 are available from Hearne Scientific Software .

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