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Origin scientific software available from Hearne Scientific Software

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Origin is the first scientific software to combine presentation-quality graphics, the C language, and the NAG numerical library in a single package.

Version 7.5 provides new timesaving tools that will simplify your routine tasks, from importing data to creating your graphs and applying detailed custom formatting.

First-time users will be able to produce results right out of the box, while advanced users can continue to exploit the depth of its power.

Easy-to-use point-and-click interfaces are provided for data visualisation, exploration, and analysis. Advanced data analysis tools include statistics, signal processing, curve fitting and peak analysis.

The C programming capability combined with the numerical computation and graphing power make origin a robust platform for routine data processing, analysis, and algorithm development.

Origin makes it easy to graph your data in any way you desire:

  • Import data from a wide selection of formats, or open Microsoft Excel within Origin
  • Over 60 basic plot types allow you to quickly create 2D, 3D, contour, and image graphs
  • Easily construct and control multiple-axis and multiple-panel graphs
  • Annotate graphs with in-place text editing and embellish using modern drawing tools
  • Save custom graph formats as templates for future use
  • Export graphs as EPS, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and many more

Origin puts you in control with powerful yet intuitive analysis tools:

  • Use specialised tools to zoom-in for inspection, read values, and mask data from analysis
  • Intuitive anlaysis tools offer statistics, curve fitting, signal processing, and peak analysis

The Origin is available from Hearne Scientific Software.

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