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Oracle Crystal Ball version 11.1.1 from Hearne Scientific Software

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article image The new Oracle Crystal Ball version 11.11

Hearne Scientific Software  provide the new Oracle Crystal Ball version 11.11 suitable for Excel add-ins for risk analysis, forecasting and spreadsheet optimisation. With Crystal Ball, users can transform their Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to get a credible picture of risk, create accurate predictive models, search for the best solution and maximise appreciation of the risks they face.

Crystal Ball software tools can deliver from Monte Carlo stimulation to forecasting, optimisation and real options analysis. The Crystal Ball provided by Hearne Scientific Software is designed with the required industry standard ideal for oil, gas and mining company executives to analyse the uncertainties in their spreadsheet models.

Hearne Scientific Software provide the following products:

  • Oracle Crystal Ball
  • Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimiser
  • Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management

The Oracle Crystal Ball from Hearne Scientific Software include CB Predictor and the Crystal Ball and CB Predictor Developer Kits. The user can automate ‘what if’ analysis in spreadsheets with Monte Carlo simulation and assign ranges of values to calculate different outputs and their probabilities. The user can record the results for in-depth analysis or summarised reporting with Crystal Ball's reports, charts and tools.

CB Predictor uses forecasting methods to identify and extrapolate the trends in the historical data. CB Predictor analyses data and produces insightful and accurate forecasts.

The Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimiser is available with options such as OptQuest for search for optimal solutions. It can run simulations up to 100 times faster. With the Optquest Developer Kit users can customise and automate their optimisation models.

With the Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management, the user can apply the power of Crystal Ball to the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence applications. This edition includes all the features of Crystal Ball, plus the ability to work within Oracle EPM Workspace, where users can share their Crystal Ball workbooks and analyse Hyperion Planning and Essbase data accessed through Smart View for Office.

Features of Oracle Crystal Ball include:

Complete Update of Optquest, with a new wizard for setting up optimisations, full integration with Excel and Crystal Ball including the ability to control optimisations through Crystal Ball’s control panel, an updated version of OptQuest’s world-class global optimisation engine.

Each pack of OptQuest Developer's Kit includes an API for programming optimisations in addition to the existing kits of Crystal Ball and CB Predictor.

The updated distribution fitting used in Oracle Crystal Ball includes discrete as well as continuous distributions and certain parameters that can be locked for increased accuracy. When fitting to continuous distributions, P-Value calculations for Anderson-Darling and Kolmogorov-Smirnov have been added.

The new data analysis tool designed in Oracle Crystal Ball helps user to import data directly into Crystal Ball forecasts, one for each data series. Then, the user can analyse the data using Crystal Ball’s charting, reporting and data extraction features.

Other features of Oracle Crystal Ball provided by Hearne Scientific Software include the lognormal distribution with a new location parameter to help users to model the shifted lognormal distributions. The three-parameter distribution is available for setting up assumptions and for fitting to datasets. With the Oracle Crystal Ball users can also lock the values of certain parameters of selected distributions while fitting data to those distributions.

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