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New MSC SimOffice 2.1 from Hearne Scientific Software

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The SimOffice 2.1, available from Hearne Scientific Software , continues to bring design-analysis productivity and capability to those that need it on the desktop.

The SimOffice version 2.1 is developed and supported by MSC Software Corporation, a global provider of integrated enterprise simulation solutions that enable radical improvement in the time and costs associated with designing and testing manufactured products. The SimOffice breaks through the price/performance barrier and delivers cost-effective, robust simulation capabilities to manufacturers.

The SimOffice 2.1 features enhanced functionality which enables engineers to directly import and export 3D solid models from a variety of CAD systems such as CATIA, Parasolid and ACIS, and exchange files with other Finite Element Analysis (FEA) products, eliminating the time-consuming re-creation and clean up of models as they move between software packages. This allows engineers to easily conduct analysis including:

  • Linear statics
  • Linear buckling
  • Normal modes
  • Dynamic response
Manufacturers with limited resources have been hesitant to make a significant investment in simulation technology. The SimOffice 2.1 offers the alternative for SMEs to reap the benefits of simulation without an enterprise-level commitment.

By easily creating and testing models in an intuitive Windows-based platform, organisations can get better and accurate design data early in the product development process and make more informed design decisions.

The new capabilities and content in the SimOffice Help system improve the overall capability to understand SimOffice and perform CAE analyses. These new capabilities include:

  • On-line, searchable help content
  • In-depth User's Guide, closely referencing what the user sees
  • In-depth Reference Manual, provides detailed information and guidance on how to achieve a good simulation
  • A new example problem giving the details required to build and integrate an Excel based design study
  • Expansion of CAD and file import capabilities
  • Supports Autodesk Inventor .iam, .ipt file import
  • Supports Pro/Engineer .prt and .asm file import
  • Supports import of UG FEMAP groups, geometry, hyperelastic materials, contact segments and analysis sets
Extended modeling capabilities of the SimOffice 2.1 include:
  • Create and manage mesh seeds to control mesh density around certain curves and geometry features
  • Access and modify specific connectors
  • Apply variable pressure and temperature loads using spatial data tables
  • Apply directly to nodes or elements, or using spatial or parametric expressions
  • CASI Solver for non-linear analysis
  • Increased performance for solving large, well conditioned models of 300000 degrees of freedom, or larger, primarily made of solid elements

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