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Mathcad 14.0 available from PTC

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Mathcad 14.0 is now available in Australia. This new version extends integration with Pro/ENGINEER and improves calculation power and clarity.

Since PTC, the Product Development Company, acquired Mathsoft in April 2006, it has focused on making the broad capabilities of the Mathcad technology more widely available to customers operating across geographic boundaries. Mathcad 14.0 expands the ability of PTC’s customers to solve pressing engineering calculation needs and improves the associated documentation of these calculations throughout the product development process.

Mathcad 14.0 delivers improved calculation power and clarity through new worksheet analysis functions, inline numeric evaluation enhancements, and enhanced symbolics. This will help users to derive formulas, demonstrate process and document engineering reasoning. Specific enhancements to the Mathcad 14.0 mathematic solvers will allow users to solve and document a broader range of engineering design problems.

Engineering calculations are critical to the process of designing and developing products, which today is often a globally distributed process. With Mathcad 14.0, PTC now provides full Unicode support and will soon offer the product in nine languages. New languages will include Italian, Spanish, Korean, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Expanded language support in Mathcad 14.0 will enable geographically dispersed teams to solve and document calculations in their local language which ultimately improves efficiencies by increasing speed and accuracy as well as reducing potential errors that may occur from language translation.

According to SkyCross, as a long-time user of Mathcad software, it is pleased with the additional capabilities delivered with Mathcad 14.0. The additional language support and continued integration with Pro/ENGINEER will enable it to easily extend this software into its product design processes. SkyCross is to continue working with PTC as it delivers the technology it requires to optimise its product development systems.

Highlights of the enhancements in Mathcad 14.0 include:

  • Support for nine languages that include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • Full Unicode support enables usage of all multilingual characters including Asian, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic and Greek throughout the application
  • New ODE solvers including a state space solver and support for the Adams-Bashforth ODE method for more trouble-free, higher precision answers
  • Improved calculation clarity by viewing definition and result in a single statement
  • Enhanced plot formatting capabilities that include new tab to customise 2-D plot axes, support for negative radii on polar plots
  • Enhanced documentation quality with a new math font to improve display of math expressions and operators
  • Continued integration with Pro/ENGINEER
  • Increased technical support with access to PTC’s global 24 x 7 technical phone support and online web tools for maintenance customers

The integration between Mathcad and Pro/ENGINEER is a bi-directional link between the two applications. Users of these solutions can easily associate any Mathcad file with a Pro/ENGINEER part or assembly using the analysis feature in Pro/ENGINEER. Critical values calculated in Mathcad can be mapped to parameters and dimensions in the CAD model to drive the geometric design. Parameters from a Pro/ENGINEER model can also be input into Mathcad for downstream engineering design calculations. The integration offers dynamic updates to calculations and the CAD drawing when parameters are changed. Additionally, Mathcad-driven Pro/ENGINEER designs can now be validated using Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica structural, thermal, fatigue and mechanism analysis solutions.

According to PTC, Mathcad 14.0 reinforces its commitment to develop products that enable organisations to optimise their product development processes. With its multiple language support, additional engineering calculation capabilities and integration with Pro/ENGINEER, Mathcad 14.0 allows organisations with geographically dispersed engineers to leverage critical engineering calculations that drive product design models and standardise practices.

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