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Hearne Scientific Software supply ProModel software in Australia and New Zealand

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Hearne Scientific Software  are distributors for ProModel software in Australia and New Zealand. ProModel is a business process optimisation and decision support application, serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics industries.

ProModel is a discrete event simulation software, used for evaluating, planning or designing manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and other operational and strategic situations. All of the specialised ProModel editions are driven by VAO Technology that enables clients to Visualise, Analyse and Optimise, which leads to better decisions and realised performance and process optimisation objectives.

Customer Highlights: GE apply the ProModel technology to their complex manufacturing, logistics and business challenges. Specific applications and benefits are confidential. Peter Kalish, GE Corporate R&D said that ProModel has accelerated the time it takes GE to create a critical mass of support for changes to complicated businesses. This single fact has provided millions of dollars in bottom line benefits. Volkswagen saved more than US$20 million per year with a custom solution for their plant-to-distribution center-to-dealer delivery system. Improvements included changing distribution center locations and subsequently replacing some expensive truck routings with cheaper rail or sea routes.

The 2002 Winter Olympics were one of the most complex logistics challenges ever. ProModel products and services were used to design security systems and bus transportation for most of the venues. The predictive technology enabled the Salt Lake Organising Committee (SLOC) to model and test various scenarios related to security operations, weather and transportation system design.

Grant Thomas, SLOC senior vice president, venues said that ProModel’s technology allows the Organising Committee to view the impact of real-life changes in a risk-free environment by testing and evaluating new ideas in the logistical plans. The animation gives an insightful look and valuable feedback before they go into a live, operational mode at the venues.

The FAA Aviation Safety Hotline (USA) takes calls from people having knowledge of FAA regulation violations and disasters. ProModel developed a custom model of their phone system and expected variation of incoming calls based on various past disasters. The solution was used to design and evaluate new technology and staffing, thus improving customer service to the public at lower cost.

Over the last 10 years in a variety of applications, ProModel has helped DuPont save millions of dollars. One such application involves the optimal design of their rail fleet, modeling the variability inherent in chemicals production, tank car availability, transportation times, loading and unloading times and customer demand.

ProModel Editions: ProModel: a discrete-event simulation tool that also allows modeling of continuous processes. ProModel is used for evaluating, planning or designing manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and other operational and strategic applications.

MedModel: a simulation tool designed specifically for the healthcare industry. MedModel is used in the evaluation, planning and redesign of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare systems.

ServiceModel: a simulation tool designed specifically for the service industries. ServiceModel is used for evaluating, planning or redesigning service industry systems such as airports, banks, and amusement parks. ServiceModel was successfully used by the Salt Lake 2002 Organising Committee to evaluate and optimise spectator flow, emergency planning and transportation systems.

Process Simulator: quickly and easily adds simulation capabilities and analysis to Microsoft Visio flowcharts, Value Stream Maps and workflow diagrams. Process Simulator installs as a plug-in to Visio, allowing you to seamlessly create and run simulation models inside Visio.

Hearne Scientific Software provide training and consulting in Australia and New Zealand with ProModel.

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