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article image Document, share calculation and design work with Mathcad

More than 1.8 million individuals use Mathcad to perform, document and share calculation and design work. The Mathcad visual format and easy-to-use, whiteboard interface integrate standard mathematical notation, text and graphs in a single worksheet, making Mathcad ideal for knowledge capture, calculation reuse and engineering collaboration.

Mathcad lets individuals work with up-dateable, interactive designs, allowing them to capture the critical methods and values behind each of their engineering projects.

Mathcad's XML architecture enables organisations to go beyond powerful calculation. Mathcad delivers an open engineering data model enabling publishing, collaboration, integration, and search capabilities, especially when deployed as an organisational standard.

As engineers work, Mathcad automatically creates an auditable trail documenting where calculations/math/data originated, simplifying compliance, reporting, verification and troubleshooting.

These capabilities have made Mathcad a widely used engineering calculation tool.

How Mathcad works

Mathcad lets you type equations as you are used to seeing them on a blackboard or in a reference book. There is no difficult syntax to learn; you simply type in your equations, then Mathcad displays the results. You can use Mathcad equations to solve math problems you can think of both symbolically or numerically. You can place text anywhere on the worksheet to document your work.

Mathcad lets you easily mix and convert between unit systems, catching unit mistakes by checking your worksheets for dimensional consistency. You can work in your preferred unit system, or switch to another system for a particular set of equations.

Mathcad simplifies and streamlines documentation, critical to communicating and to meeting business and quality assurance standards. By combining equations, text and graphics in a single worksheet, Mathcad makes it easy to keep track of complex calculations. By saving your worksheets in XML format, you can reuse the information in other text-based systems, or search and report on worksheets without needing to reopen them in Mathcad.

Mathcad extension pack series

The extension pack series is included with all node-locked and floating network licenses. They are:

  • Data analysis extension pack
  • Image processing extension pack
  • Wavelets extension pack
  • Signal processing extension pack

Mathcad add-on collection

The add-on collection has several Mathcad add-ons bundled together.

The Mathcad add-on collection includes:

  • Civil engineering library
  • Mechanical engineering library
  • Electrical engineering library
  • Image processing extension pack
  • Wavelets extension pack
  • Signal processing extension pack
  • Mathcad academic pack

The Mathcad academic pack provides the academic community with effective tools and resources that support educational curricula and help educators and students succeed in math, science and engineering subjects.

The Mathcad academic pack includes:

  • Mathcad problem-solving tutorial
  • Inside Mathcad: programming
  • Solving in Mathcad
  • Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college physics
  • Schaum's mechanical vibrations
  • Schaum's thermodynamics for engineers
  • Differential equation solving E-Book

Mathcad is available from Hearne Scientific Software.

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