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EViews 7.2 Standard software from Hearne Scientific Software

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Hearne Scientific Software  presents the EViews 7.2 Standard software that combines advanced software technology with a flexible easy-to-use interface to enable users to manage data, perform econometric and statistical analysis as well as generate forecasts and model simulations.

EViews brings modern windowing and object-based techniques to statistical, econometric and simulation software.

EViews is the ideal analysis software for anyone working with time series, cross-section or longitudinal data. Featuring an innovative graphical object-oriented user interface and a sophisticated analysis engine, EViews is a state-of-the art program that offers unprecedented power within a flexible, easy-to-use interface.

Academic researchers, corporations, government agencies and students can now access powerful statistical, forecasting and modelling tools through an innovative, easy-to-use object-oriented interface.

At the heart of the innovative EViews interface is the concept of an object that may include series, equations and systems. Each object has its own window, menus, procedures and views of its data. Most statistical procedures are simply alternate views of the object.

For example, a menu choice from a series window changes the display between a spreadsheet, various graph views, descriptive statistics and tests, tabulations, correlograms, unit root, and independence and variance ratio tests.

Similarly, an equation window allows the user to switch between a display of the equation specification, basic estimation results, the coefficient covariance matrix, actual-fitted-residual graphs and tables, forecast graphs and evaluations, and a wide range of diagnostic and hypothesis tests.

The EViews software package also incorporates modern spreadsheet and relational database technology by offering sophisticated linking tools that allow the user to define relationships between objects and data sources.

Series objects, for example, may be linked by formula to data in other series to match merged or frequency converted data from alternate data sets, or to external databases. When defined in this fashion, the linked series dynamically updates whenever the underlying data changes.  

Similarly, an EViews model simulation object can be linked to equation or system objects so that the model updates automatically when the underlying equation or system is re-specified or re-estimated.

Additionally, EViews allows true multiple window support, enabling simultaneous display of multiple objects and output, each in its own window, making it easy to perform side-by-side comparisons of series plots, hypothesis tests, equation results and model forecasts developed under alternative assumptions.

Features such as strong Windows integration, including drag-and-drop file import for over 20 popular file formats and copy-and-paste export of presentation quality graphs and tables, also make the EViews software program redefine current user expectations of econometric and statistical software.

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