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ESDAT available from Hearne Scientific Software

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Earth-Science Data Manager (ESDAT) provides data management, analysis, reporting and quality assurance procedures for the environmental and geological professions.

Management of environmental data is often a challenge for those trained in scientific or engineering disciplines. Current industry practices typically rely on an individuals skills in Microsoft Excel or Access, which can be time consuming and error-prone.

ESDAT is a comprehensive and easy to use data management, analysis and reporting system applicable to:

Contaminated/industrial site management

Investigations of contaminated and industrial sites often generate large volumes of soil, water, gas and QA data. However, electronic copies of this data are often lost or in inconsistent formats and files, meaning that effective data reuse is difficult and expensive.

ESDAT provides a systematic approach to storing, managing, analysing and reporting this data so that it is stored in a consistent format and is immediately and easily made available to any party, whether or not they have an ESDAT licence.

Landfill data management

Landfill monitoring is often carried out over prolonged periods of time, and significant time-series datasets can result. These datasets can become unwieldy unless managed properly.

ESDAT is able to store all your monitoring data; produce report-ready tables, graphs, maps and factual reports; and can automatically update these as new data becomes available.

Environmental and natural resources data management

Environmental and natural resources management is typically characterised by significant volumes of data, which may include:

  • Geo-Environmental such as geological, lithological, chemistry (soil, water and air), groundwater, contamination and surface water
  • Flora/Fauna such as native flora, native fauna, pests and weeds
  • Management such as waste production, energy and resource usage, environmental incidents, fire occurrences/management and heritage sites (European and indigenous)

ESDAT uses a single database and widely available data exchange format to combine new data with existing data. This enables organisations to combine historical data, current field data and consultant’s data into a centralised, easy to maintain, database. Thereafter, all reports, maps, tables, graphs etc. can be easily and automatically produced on a regular basis.

ESDAT is available from Hearne Scientific Software.

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