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Crystal Ball 7.3 from Hearne Scientific Software

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Performing Monte Carlo simulation and analysis within your Excel spreadsheets is now simpler with Crystal Ball version 7.3, Microsoft Excel 2007 and Windows Vista.

Crystal Ball 7.3, from Hearne Scientific Software, offers users the ability to create scatter charts, which display one set of numerical data along the x-axis and another along the y-axis. Scatter charts display correlations, dependencies, and other relationships between pairs of forecasts and assumptions plotted against each other.

This additional investigative tool provides a visual way to make more informed decisions.

The new betaPERT distribution describes a situation where you know the minimum, maximum, and likely values to occur.

This distribution is ideal for project managers estimating task durations and the overall length of a project.

With Crystal Ball 7.3 you can take advantage of all the new Excel features in Office 2007 to create better spreadsheets, improve spreadsheet analysis, share spreadsheets and business information with others and manage business information more effectively.

Browse to the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 product overview for more information. Some of the many new Excel features include: ability to have up to 1m rows by 16,000 columns in your spreadsheets, a completely redesigned charting engine, greatly improved support for tables, advanced conditional formatting to more easily discover patterns and trends and much more.

After Microsoft Excel has started, users can now open and close Crystal Ball manually or automatically, depending on their preferences.

You can do this either manually through the COM Add-ins menu to Excel or use new Developer Kit calls (available with Crystal Ball Professional and Premium Editions) to load and unload Crystal Ball while Excel is open.

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