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Cranes Software International opens new office in Australia

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One of the fast growing and innovative companies in India has now established itself in Australia.

Cranes Software International (CSIL) is a fast growing IT company in India. Since the beginning of 2003 its share price has gone up 1500%! The key factors accounting for its success are both its dynamic management and growth strategy.

Cranes Software International has footprints in Europe, North America and the Middle East, opening an Australian franchise office extends its reach to the Asia Pacific region.

Clifford Snell, Senior Vice President, Cranes Software International, will be giving free presentations on the significance of Cranes Software International in Australia next month.

The significance of Cranes Software International in Australia:

  • Melbourne CBD - Monday, July 23rd, 10am - 12pm
  • Sydney CBD - Wednesday, July 25th, 10am - 12 pm

Outline of presentation:

  • Cranes: the fast growing IT Company in India
  • Its skills, its products and its services
  • Its experience working with large corporations
  • Its association with Hearne Scientific Software in Australia and New Zealand
  • Its competitive edge: integration of its own software with professional services, at a competitive price
  • Q & A

To attend this free presentation you must register with Hearne Scientific Software beforehand. Seating at this event is strictly limited.

The establishment of Cranes Software International in Australia has been made possible by the company's partnership with Hearne Scientific Software.

“This is the culmination of our close relationship with Hearne Scientific Software, which is highly regarded in the Australian and New Zealand scientific, business and engineering community” said Clifford Snell who played a key role in the establishment of this new entity.

Cranes Software is a global leader in engineering products and solutions.

It markets an impressive portfolio of products in the mathematics and statistical space and in the computer aided manufacturing and the finite element analysis areas of the engineering spectrum.

Its programs SigmaPlot and Systat are already well established in Australia and New Zealand and the new arrangement will provide an Australian conduit for its wide range of engineering and scientific programs and consulting services.

The association with sophisticated software tools is leveraged to provide customised solutions which provide long term competitive advantage to clients, by making them more agile and responsive to opportunities.

Custom solutions are provided to the pharmaceutical, retail, banking, insurance and financial sectors. Solutions include product life cycle management, risk management, CRM analytics and many other specialised services.

Specific reservoirs of expertise are available from special skills groups within the Cranes Software network, such as, Enterprise Project Management, Six Sigma Group, Enterprise Knowledge Management and CES Enterprise Applications.

Although many skills and resources are resident in India, Europe and North America, specialists can be transferred to Australia and New Zealand for short or long term assignments.

All projects are coordinated from Australian or New Zealand offices. “This is the perfect model for a small specialist Australian company to partner with a much larger high technology business in a low cost country,” said James Hearne, General Manager, Hearne Scientific Software.

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