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If the employees are exposed on a daily basis to a noise level of 85dB (A) or higher, hearing loss and damage to the ears is possible if ears are not protected, and so ear protection is mandatory. Hearing loss does not happen overnight, it takes time to lose hearing.

Those who in their place of work are exposed to prolonged periods of excessive noises are prone to lose their hearing sooner. The ideal possible ear protection to employees is to be provided, and they want ear protection that is comfortable to wear, is not too obvious, and importantly, will give them premium protection to prevent hearing loss. Hearing loss from being exposed to prolonged periods of excessive noise is irreversible. Prevention is therefore in everyone's best interests.

Hearing protection can only be of use, if it is not only reducing the noise levels, but more importantly, is used.
Hearing protection stands to reason then that it has to be comfortable, and must not irritate the ear. For the person who has to wear it, comfort is crucial.

To ensure customer satisfaction, ELACIN products are developed with a high quality noise filter system, which is tailored to each individual, and for each application in the workplace. Optimal hearing protection and comfort is thus achieved.

Other advantages are:

  • The ability of the wearer to continue to hear normal speech
  • Red and blue marking on units to distinguish left and right.
  • Lightweight (less than 2 grams)
  • User friendly; easy to fit, easy to remove
  • Inconspicuous
  • Extremely comfortable
  • A filter that protects against dirt and dust
  • Individual packaging containing instruction, acoustic specifications and personal identification
  • Easy to clean, smooth hypoallergenic covering

Because of the unique acoustic filter, the wearer can continue to communicate with his/her colleagues and surroundings, while the harmful noise levels are reduced to prevent damage to ears. This filter is available in 6 different noise reduction levels. ELACIN noise filters provide industry-approved protection.

The ELACIN FlexComfort is made from superior quality soft silicone, which is virtually indestructible.
One can insure the ELACIN FlexComfort for years against theft and loss of units.

As well as this, Hearing Tech can offer an after sales service. With this after sales service and the ELACIN FlexComfort units are serviced, and performing to the specifications.

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