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Waddell Engineering Buys Makino D500 5-Axis Machining Centre

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article image David Waddell with his Makino D500

Headland Machinery  interviews David Waddell, owner of Waddell Engineering on his recent purchase of the Makino D500 5-axis machining centre.  

Explaining the main reason behind his purchase of the D500 machining centre, Waddell points to the 5-axis machining capabilities it offers, in addition to the machine’s versatility and extra capacity.  

He says that they needed to take some pressure off existing machines for their die mould production and the D500 turned out to be a superior choice in terms of offering more options and increased output while also enhancing the quality of their machining.  

Speaking on the primary advantage of the Makino D500 machining centre, Waddell says that they can execute the job in one set-up instead of three.  

Additionally, the quick set-up is a key benefit for the company. Since they need to set up the job only once, there is less chance of making mistakes.  

Waddell concludes by saying that the Makino D500 machining centre offers long-term advantages as it is capable of meeting higher workloads.

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