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TRUMATIC 1000 Rotation enhances complete processing

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TRUMATIC 1000 Rotation enhances complete processing through an innovative deburring technology and increases user benefit.
The TRUMATIC 1000 Rotation can do everything that large punching machines can do, with great precision, and the versatility to even produce three dimensionally. The TRUMATIC 1000 Rotation also has an automated tool exchange and automated parts removal. TRUMPF has poured its complete punching know-how into the new TRUMATIC 1000 ROTATION, no other punching machine is so easy to install, operate and programme.
Now, as the first supplier ever, TRUMPF is introducing a completely new technology for punching machines, starting with the TC 1000 R: it is called roller deburring. Behind this technological innovation, whose patent is pending, is hidden a new feature that is the first of its kind in this form worldwide and with which TRUMPF plans to equip further punching machines.
The principle of the new feature: A special tool forms the burr into a bevel. Thus, burr-free edges are formed for the user. No longer having to perform manual deburring not only reduces the run-time, but it also makes processing more cost-effective. A lack of burrs reduces the risk of injury. The innovative deburring process is ideal for all metallic materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum in sheet thicknesses of 0.8 to 2.5 millimetres. Speed is the clincher for any user: With roll deburring, the machine can work at a maximum axis speed. Besides the technological advantages, the TC 1000 R lays on additional plus points.
All current TRUMPF punching tool technologies can be used on the TRUMATIC 1000 ROTATION, and also included are tools for extrusions, threads and formings. The single tool adapter in the punching head rotates, which allows all tools to rotate 360 degrees smoothly. This feature means a minimised number of tools and, subsequently, reduced setup costs as well as a higher processing speed.

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