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Slat cleaner TSC 1 for laser cutting machines

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article image TRUMPF developed the TSC 1 slat cleaner that enables users to clean their pallets without expending much time or expense.

With the new TSC 1 at Headland Machinery , TRUMPF has developed a power tool that quickly and simply removes slag from the slats in laser cutting machines of any manufacturer.

When metal is processed on flatbed machines, slag usually develops on the support slats of the pallets. It doesn't take long before dirt builds up on the pallets, impairing considerably the quality of the pieces to be produced.

The dirty support slats are then replaced immediately, often at great expense, even though they could have been cleaned as many as five times before needing to be replaced. The reason for this: Until now there has been no cleaning tool. Machine operators had to perform this work manually by pounding the hammer or using home-made tools. It's hard work that takes many hours to complete.

That's why TRUMPF developed the TSC 1 slat cleaner that enables users to clean their pallets without expending much time or expense. This tool takes only about 20 minutes for a standard sized pallet of 1,500 mm x 3,000mm., and in a short time pays for itself, costing about 75 percent less than the replacement costs of one pallet. Companies can save about two-thirds of the cost per cleaning procedure, on average, even compared to manual cleaning. The new slat cleaner is also very easy to handle.

How does it work?

Users only have to apply the TRUMPF TSC 1 to one slat row. The tool's automatic carriage moves, with light hand guidance, across the entire strip width and removes all of the slag that has accumulated there. The user then turns the tool around and applies it to the next row. This continues for as long as it takes for the entire pallet of the flatbed machine to be cleaned.

Two spring-loaded roller pairs, powered by a 1.4 kilowatt motor, enable the automatic carriage to move. They flexibly adapt to slag up 25mm in thickness and shatter it during the forward movement. Even the dirtiest slats are not a problem. The substantial pressure force of the rollers -- up to 5,000 N -- has an additional advantage: Slightly bent edges are automatically straightened out.

The TSC 1 slat cleaner can be used on the flatbed laser machines with pallet changers of any manufacturer. Cleaning can be done during uptime, and the slats don't have to be removed. If the user prefers, the slats can be cleaned with the help of a workstation apart from the machine.

The innovative power tool was also recently awarded the “2006 Government Award for Outstanding Innovative Achievement”, by the Munich and Upper Bavarian Chamber of Trade. An independent board of examiners assessed the various attributes of the new TSC 1. The board inquired extensively into the use of the product by the customer, but other criteria such as product quality, environmental friendliness as well as options for saving energy were included in the assessment.

Finally, when it comes to ergonomics and handling, the TSC 1 meets the highest demands. It is quiet and doesn't vibrate much. In addition, the device has specially formed grips that make it easy to guide and turn around.

The TRUMPF TSC 1 slat cleaner will be exhibited at the Headland Machinery stand at Austech 2006. Please visit stand G50 for a demonstration.

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