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Introducing the new compact punching machine

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TRUMPF’s newest compact punching machine opens up new doors for small fabricators. Featuring the renowned productivity, accuracy and capability of larger TRUMPF punching machines, the TRUMATIC 1000 R brings these capabilities to a new audience.

Designed as an entry-level punching machine, the TC 1000 R is a particularly cost-effective way for beginners to enter the field of CNC sheet metal processing. The idea is convincing. No other punching machine is so easy to install, operate and program.

The TC 1000 R features a working range of 50 by 80 inches, punching speeds of up to 600 hits per minute and an automatic tool changer. All-tool rotation that is standard on all TRUMPF punching machines results in reduced tooling requirements and better part quality, according to Headland Machinery .

All current TRUMPF punching tool technologies have been adapted to the TC 1000 R. The Multishear can be used for excellent edging work, as well as the Multibend for bending, and the Multitool, in which up to ten different punches can be integrated at one tool station. Also included are tools for extrusions, threads and forming. By using Multitool, the machine’s linear magazine can accommodate up to 150 tools. Furthermore, it can high speed mark at 1,300 strokes per minute.

An exciting new feature for newcomers to CNC punching is introduced on the TC 1000 R. A new software component makes programming simple, from creating the drawing to manual sheet layout to processing. Less complex parts can be programmed quickly and easily, even on the shop floor.

According to a survey of TRUMPF customers, approximately 80 percent of parts processed using punching fall into this category, and can be processed using the simplified programming. More complex components are programmed using ToPs 300 basic, a customized version based on the proven TRUMPF punching software ToPs 300. Both ToPs 300 basic as well as the software component for simple programming are included in the machine's standard package.

The TC 1000 R was designed for small-sized sheet metal processing companies, companies that are looking for a beginner model to get them into automated sheet metal processing and that don’t need to integrate their machines into a fully automated production flow.

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