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Hanel Vertical Storage Machines from Headland Machinery Benefit Power Equipment

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article image Hanel 7m Vertical Storage Machine

Power Equipment has invested in Hanel vertical storage machines supplied by Headland Machinery .  

Robert Drysdale, Maintenance Supervisor and Mike Candy, Spare Parts Manager at Power Equipment were interviewed on their recent purchase of the Hanel vertical storage machines.  

According to them, the four vertical storage machines are used for housing and tracking their heavy spare parts. Hanel vertical storage systems have helped the company automate their spare parts system.  

The four Hanel machines have been integrated so that they can run simultaneously. For instance, one can go to any operating panel and type in the part required so that all four machines can run and locate the required parts.  

The Hanel vertical storage machines saves time for the company when they send out parts to customers while helping them keep accurate records of stocks and despatches.  

Key benefits of the Hanel vertical storage machines: 

  • Space-saving equipment with a height of 7 metres
  • OHS issues are minimised as there is no stacking of boxes up high on top of one another, eliminating risk from storing heavy parts
  • Accurate recording of spare parts has improved inventory
  • Increased security for expensive spare parts as the machines can keep track of stocks
  • Bar coded spare parts are simply scanned with a portable scanner into the system on arrival from the supplier  
  • Spare parts can be simply called up from the scanned data and the correct shelf is brought down so that the part is picked up and shipped out overnight

On integrating the Hanel systems into their workflow, Drysdale comments that quite a bit of effort was involved since they had to adjust their existing systems to fit in with the new processes.  

But they were also able to create greater efficiencies and the system improvements have allowed them to move from being a small home-based company to a leader in the industry.

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