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Headland Machinery is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agent for the innovative Hänel Storage Systems. Hänel’s design principal is to maximise vertical height space, optimising available floor space and improve materials handling by bringing the part to the user, not the other way around. The result is more floor space, improved efficiency and a safer work environment, – in a nut shell, cost and time savings.
Hänel Office and Industrial Rotomat
Hänel also have not forgotten the roots, the Hänel office carousel unit was Hänel’s first ever sold in 1957. Now known round the world as the Hänel Rotomat, the model has undergone a few facelifts, employing new state-of-the-art technology and design, but the principal is still the same, automation, optimisation and safety.
Using the tried and tested ferris-wheel design, the Hänel Rotomat utilises multi-directional carousel technology. Carrier containers are attached to an electronically controlled rotating mechanism, bringing the goods direct to the operator, reducing personnel costs and cycle times.
The feature list of Hänel Rotomat is extensive:
Storage capacity can be improved by up to 90%, utilising available height space.
Safety is covered. No more need for forklifts, ladders, climbing and other dangerous accidents waiting to happen. The units also come fitted with light barriers at all retrieval points, instantly suspending the unit when interrupted.
Security and inventory management: The Hänel Rotomat unit has programmable authorisation levels, locking out unauthorised users and even allowing selection of which containers individuals can have access to. Access can be managed by either a PIN or security card and logged for reference. The Hänel Rotomat is the solution for dangerous or valuable goods, such as armoury, expensive tooling, pharmaceutical and medical supplies, to name a few.
Materials handling has never been easier, practically removing all scope for error. The picking process can be entirely automated, with the unit bringing the correct container to the user and highlighting the exact location of the part. The result is a reduction in processing time and error. The units can also manage and interface with inventory control systems, highlighting optimum stock levels and shortages.
The Hänel Rotomat is a solution for almost any situation. The highly customisable unit can be used for office or production, practically anything can be stored and managed, documents, perishables (yes, can even have temperature control), production parts, anything.

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