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article image Hanel Rotomat.

THE Hänel Lean-Lift is the powerhouse of the Hänel range available from Headland Machinery . Employing "vertical lift technology", the Lean-Lift delivers storage efficiency, automated materials handling and goods protection in one unit.

At the centre of the unit is an automated extractor (lift), with storage shelving in front and behind it. Shelves are accessed by the extractor, and presented to the operator at the retrieval point - located at optimum ergonomic height.

These systems boast many advantages and features:

* Maximum utilisation of available floor space can be achieved, with Lean-Lifts situated side by side or across several floors, even allowing for the option of multiple retrieval points.

* Storage capacity can be increased by up to 90%, with height optimized storage utilising previously unused but costly air space.

* Handling of bulky and heavy parts is automated with the unit doing all the lifting and carrying - the parts are bought to the user at optimum heights, including ground level for easy and safe pallet handling.

Each shelf can hold up to 1000kg and the load-carrying capacity of each Lean-Lift is 60,000kg.

* Computerised variable shelf heights and shelf location optimisation, allows for the storage of dissimilar sized parts and ensures your most frequently used items are always close at hand.

Office and industrial Rotomat

The Hänel "office carousel" unit was first sold in 1957. Now known as the Hänel Rotomat, the model has undergone a few facelifts, employing new state-of-the-art technology and design, but the principal is still the same - automation, optimisation and safety.

Using the ferris-wheel design, the Hänel Rotomat utilises multi-directional carousel technology. Carrier containers are attached to an electronically controlled rotating mechanism, bringing the goods direct to the operator, reducing personnel costs and cycle times.

Headland will be exhibiting Hänel products at The Safety Show Sydney 2006 on Stand B32, Tuesday 17th – Thursday 19th October 2006, Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney Olympic Park.

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