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With the disposal of waste materials getting more difficult and more expensive, many wood working companies are turning to wood shredders to reduce the volume of their waste.

Wood shredders can reduce the volume of your waste by up to 2/3rds thus reducing the cost of disposal.

Wood shredders also in many instances produce a quality, clean chip than can be used in other products (e.g. chip board), mixed with sawdust to make mulch or animal bedding or burnt to create energy.

This largely depends on whether there is glue or foreign material such as nails present in the shredded material.

Wood shredders are already being used in Australia by cabinet makers, pallet manufacturers, sawmills, joineries, furniture manufacturers, sheltered workshops and waste reclamation companies so we have many references.

As well as wood shredders we can also supply wood chippers, which unlike the slow and quiet running shredders run at high speed so cannot accept any metal contaminants.

So no matter what kind of wood waste you have, chances are there is a Vecoplan solution that will suit you, be it a wood shredder or a wood chipper.

Hawleys  can also offer chip screening, storing and handling equipment thus offering you a total wood waste package.

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