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Pneumatic orbital riveting machine

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article image Allows precise adjustment of the orbital forming process.

ORBITFORM'S B-310 pneumatic orbital riveting machine, available in Australia from Hawker Richardson provides visual status and precise adjustment of the orbital forming process.

The machine is available with real time process monitoring and process control. It orbitally forms parts up to 7.92mm in diameter or an equivalent area in tube, square or other form.

Typical cycle time is less than three seconds for everything from mild steel to hardened metals. Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, lead, zinc, stainless steel and composite plastics are all suited to this process.

The B-310 is ideal for high-volume applications and is a cost-effective production solution. It has an adjustable tool stroke, from 1.52mm to 44.45mm in 0.03mm increments. Standard throat depth is 152.4mm. Maximum downward force is 962.48kg at 100 psi pneumatic.

Available options include programmable cycle time and headforming pressure, vertical head height adjustment up to 165mm, and a touch screen with an on/off push button and emergency stop. The system is also available with advance and return limit switches, a dual palm button anti-tie-down actuation (a foot switch with safety probe is available).

An adjustable digital dwell timer that can be set from zero to 99 seconds is available, along with an eight-digit cycle counter with reset, a pressure differential process control that can form to a prescribed clamp load, and a programmable z-axis to vary stroke. The B-310 can be used fully or semi-automatic. Safety controls for each hand are built into the OSHA-compliant unit.

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