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New orbital forming head improves longevity

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article image Up to ten times thrust load.

ORBITFORM's Gold Series offers a tenfold increase in forming force and bearing life over previous heads. Usually, an orbital head's life expectancy is measured in months.

With Orbitform's new Gold Series, available from Hawker Richardson , the components can last for years (based on bearing life calculations for standard orbital heads).

The Gold Series incorporates a stack of angular contact bearings as the primary forming element, as opposed to a single row of bearings found in standard heads.

This arrangement greatly increases the allowable thrust load, sometimes over tenfold.

Besides advantages in efficiency and longevity, the redesigned orbital heads are the right choice for jobs that require additional capacity in a smaller envelope i.e., multi-spindle heads / close center applications.

The Gold Series can replace all brands of orbital heads and provides:

* Zero maintenance with "lubed for life" bearings.

* Longer production life and increased forming capacity (up to 19 times over standard heads).

* .005 inch runout accuracy.

* Ability to handle short/long cycles, hard materials, and multiple production shifts.

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