Hawker Richardson

Hawker Richardson is a leading supplier of industrial power tools and air motors with sales and service representation for Desoutter, Cooper Tools(Dotco, Doler, Gardner Denver, Buckeye, Cleco, Quackenbush), Stanley Air Tools, Weber and others. We provide single tools to complete automation lines.


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21/08/06 - A new family of tools called Apex u-Guard™ has been introduced by Hawker Richardson to eliminate In-System Damage
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17/08/06 - MARATHON Welding Automation has introduced the M-Series resistance welder -- a versatile platform for manufacturers looking to enhance productivity on small to medium sized welded parts.
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08/05/06 - Marathon is pleased to introduce the Z-Weld dual fixed-table robotic welding cell for manufacturers looking to enhance productivity on small- to medium-sized welded parts. Shipped assembled and ready for immediate installation and production, the Z-W
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02/09/05 - ORBITFORM, represented in Australia by Hawker Richardson, has developed another robust and highly valuable metal forming and joining process to complement its orbital forming product line. Rollerforming uses multiple rollers mounted on a rotating spi
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Hawker Richardson (Head office) Update these details
75-77 Westgate Drive
Altona North
VIC 3025
Tel: 03 8369 6600
Fax: 03 8368 2699

Hawker Richardson Brands

Allenair ASC Automation Devices Bishop Wisecarver Buckeye Cabletest International Cleco Cooper Tools Coventry Gauge CPR Automation Desoutter Doler Dotco Enidine Eraser Gardner Denver Heller HelliosMesstechnik GmbH Herman Koltgen GmbH Kafer Messuhrenfabrik GmbH Knight Industries Kroeplin GmbH Matrix Engineering MPM Nutek Optical Gaging Products Panasonic Precision Valve and Automation Quackencush Stanley Stanley Air Tools Stelron Industries Vision Engineering Weber Yamaha

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