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Self-Cleaning Gladiator Acoustic Switches from Hawk Measurement Systems

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Hawk Measurement Systems  introduces the Gladiator acoustic switch series featuring non-contact, self-cleaning technology.  

A leading global provider of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, Hawk Measurement Systems offers the acoustic switches for blocked chute detection and anti collision devices for heavy machinery.  

Gladiator acoustic switches employ acoustic wave technology in a new Sender/Receiver form for applications such as blocked chute detection, point level detection and anti-collision for heavy machinery.  

How it works  

The Gladiator Amplifier powers two AW transducers, which use special Hawk developed software to pulse and receive the other’s acoustic echoes.  

When the path between the transducers is blocked, the units immediately detect the presence/absence change of the return signal and trigger a communications relay for indication or control.  

The transducers work together or independently to detect pulse interference, allowing twice the application security.  

Key features of Hawk’s Acoustic Wave Transducers: 

  • Self cleaning construction: The power of each pulse blows the water or moisture build-up off the face of the diaphragm
  • Switch requires a simple 1-minute set-up and allows for remote test function
  • Communication options include GosHawk, Modbus, HART, Profibus DP and DeviceNet
  • Acoustic switch is designed for continuous operation in dusty, wet environments

Hawk acoustic wave transducers are used for blocked chute detection in wet or dry environments, wet screen blocked chute detection, truck/machine detection and sewage sludge handling applications.

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