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Haulotte Group  has chosen BAUMA, a construction trade fair, running from 23-29 April 2007 in Munich, Germany, to unveil its brand new range of telescopic handlers. Haulotte Group is diversifying its range of products with its Haulotte Top Lift (HTL) telescopic handlers, for lifting and handling equipment.

Haulotte Top Lift (HTL) telescopic handlers:

Haulotte technology is based on historical savoir-faire

The Haulotte Group was born from two companies with recognised skills: Pinguely and Haulotte, respectively established in 1881 and 1924.

Over their entire histories, these two companies have tuned their engineering competences to the needs of their markets - locomotives, mechanical diggers, derricks and mobile cranes.

The Haulotte Group’s entirely in-house design is based on proven experience in the field of aerial work platforms, thus allowing for effective technology transfer

These models are designed and developed completely internally, in order to perfectly meet the demands - and ensure the satisfaction - of the clients.

The new HTL telescopic handlers integrate every technological innovation developed in the field of aerial work platforms. This optimal transfer of technology ensures user comfort and a high level of safety for handler operators.

The Haulotte Group’s development benefited from experience gained with rental companies

The benefits of experience gained with rental companies have had a decisive influence on the development of Haulotte Group’s new range of telehandlers. The Haulotte Group has designed machines which meet the main needs of this market: reliability so that the machines are always available to their users, and a high standard of safety.

HTL Telehandlers: client benefits

The new Haulotte Top Lift (HTL) telehandlers bring a wide range of innovations to their market, whether in terms of compactness, pollution levels (with a significant reduction in noise and CO2 emissions levels), user safety, reliability, comfort, or ease of use and transportation.

With lifting capacities of up to 4 tonnes and lifting heights as high as 17 m, HTL telehandlers can be rapidly fitted with multiple accessories (quick-fits): forks, simple or toothless buckets, work tools, hooked brackets, metal windscreen protectors and side-mounted work tool containers.

Haulotte Top Lift (HTL) telehandlers offer good manoeuvrability, good work autonomy and numerous advantages.

A high level of stability

Due to their standard equipment, HTL handlers offer good stability, regardless of the terrain surface. This lateral stability is the combined result of the automatic locking of the rear deck rotation, the progressive movement deceleration system for limiting rearward travel, and the lateral tilt corrector.

The two forward stabilisers reinforce this stability in all working configurations. Their independent operation allows them to rapidly adapt to all types of ground at any time. Due to these, blocking is possible up to a mast angle of 20°.

The Haulotte Group’s rear deck locking system reinforces its stability. This stiffening of the two axles more than doubles the usual stabilisation surface.

Safety in all operating positions

HTL telescopic handlers assist the operator in all operating positions with numerous visual and audible indicators.

The travel and worksite modes, clearly identified, make manoeuvring safer by avoiding any possible confusion. In this way, the travel mode prevents any unforeseen lowering of the stabilisers.

With the assistance of all of these control indicators covering overloading, stability, reversing the operator can truly focus on his work.

Ergonomics: comfort comes to the cabin

ROPS and FOPS fitted, spacious, sound-proofed, easy to access, the operator’s cabins are fitted with every means to ensure the comfort of the operator: ventilation, air conditioning (optional), adjustable seats, storage space, etc.

The ergonomics of the operating position were specifically studied to enhance efficiency: all of the controls are immediately accessible; a multi-function controller allows precise one-handed operation, whether in simple or combined movements. Furthermore, electronic assistance allows the absorption of all dynamic effects.

Manoeuvrability: playing the technology ace

The integration of new technologies makes driving the HTL telescopic handlers considerably easier - the operator can control his actions and his environment.

The progressive nature of the hydrostatic transmission, the precision of the power-assisted steering and the manoeuvrability of the joystick allow full use of the exceptional capabilities of the four-wheel drive and steering with ease.

The load sensing-flow sharing hydraulic system guarantees optimal flexibility and power in all movements, which are carried out with perfect progression. The proportional nature of the combined movements – telescopic extension, excavation, raising of the arm – is complete.

The inching slow approach pedal allows for smooth, precise manoeuvres, and flexible braking.

Rough terrain

The HTL telescopic handlers were designed to handle all environments. Regardless of the nature of the ground and terrain obstacles, its four-wheel drive and steering provide power and manoeuvrability.

Its tilt correction function provides horizontal stabilisation. Due to its high ground clearance, the handler can traverse rough terrains.

Productivity: a multi-function handler

Due to its power and good stability, the HTL handler considerably widens its load capabilities. This naturally confers upon it good productivity: it can go further, and reach higher, with heavier loads. Powered by a high-output, economical diesel engine, load lifting and placing operations can be carried out with great precision, regardless of the height or distance involved.

Accessibility: a tool which is 100% operational

The Haulotte Group has planned for hands-on maintenance due to optimal access to engine components and peripherals, as can be demonstrated with the easy opening of the huge hood. Filters, oil supply, the hydraulic system, the fuel tank, etc, are all within easy reach.

All maintenance tasks (cleaning, re-loading, etc.) can be performed quickly.

The quality of its mechanical, hydraulic and electrical sub-assemblies ensures the reliability of the telescopic handlers, while still prioritising safety.

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