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Crane systems and trolleys from Hasemer Materials Handling

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Jib cranes from Hasemer Materials Handling are simple to use and are robustly constructed. These cranes can easily be used for many industrial applications. The professionals at Hasemer Materials Handling provide tailor-made Jib cranes to suit customers’ requirements.

However, Hasemer Materials Handling can also design the Jib cranes to fit the layout of customer’s factory. These Jib cranes generally have the jib arm lengths up to seven metres with load capacity of up to one thousand kilograms.

The slewing pillar crane systems are also supplied by Hasemer Materials Handling. A slewing pillar crane from Hasemer Materials Handling comprises a trolley, column with the facility of electric supply. A slewing wall crane offered by Hasemer Materials Handling has a wall console, trolley and the jib arm along with electric supply facility.

These pillar and wall carne systems are ideal to be used with GIS electric chain hoists. It is also easy to use GIS Jib crane systems for a wide variety of applications and with various attachments that include chain blocks, air hoists and spring balancers.

Hasemer Materials Handling also offers a complete range of GIS electric and push trolleys that can complement the GIS electric chain hoists completely to cater to the various requirements of the users.

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