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Packaging solutions from Harry Daines

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Harry Daines  offers a wide range of packaging solutions. The Scotch Film Box Sealing Tapes of 3M supplied by Harry Daines is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can with stand rough handling, export packaging, custom printed message, moisture and humidity, bar coding, cold temperature and the like.

The other varieties of tapes supplied by Harry Daines include foam tapes, metal foil tapes, VHB tapes, Polyester tapes, Vinyl tapes, polythene tapes, VHB tapes, dispensers, silk surface film tapes, glass cloth tapes and several other specialty tapes. A wide range of adhesives are also supplied by Harry Daines. The Pronto adhesives are best suited for speed and performance. The Spray adhesives are best suited for providing maximum performance for specific bonding applications.

Harry Daines supplies abrasives manufactured by 3M. The abrasives are suitable for woodworking and metalworking services. It is suited for shaping, conditioning, dimensioning and cleaning an extensive range of materials. Harry Daines supplies the 3M Twist ‘n’ Fill System, a single compact dispenser that is used to rightly mix different cleaning chemicals. It is a cost effective product as well. Scourers are also offered by Harry Daines to provide cleaning solutions.

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