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Gas equipment from Harris Calorific

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Harris Calorific  is one of the leading manufacturers of quality gas equipment. Harris Calorific is a part of the Harris worldwide team. Harris Calorific has gained around one hundred and there years of experience in manufacturing efficient gas equipment.

Harris Calorific is a reputed manufacturer and its name on the gas equipment sets the standards for performance, design, quality and safety. Harris Calorific provides cutting and welding gas equipment. Harris Calorific is also capable to deliver oxygen to a patient in intensive care.

The gas equipment provided by Harris Calorific are supported by its strong distributor network. These are cost effective solutions from Harris Calorific. The wide network of distributors at Harris Calorific help solving various problems related to gas equipment. They also help customers and provide them complete knowledge to operate the gas equipment.

Some medical regulators such as medical flow meters and medical yokes are also provided by Harris Calorific. The medical yokes are pin index yokes that are constructed carefully using a high quality chrome and brass plating.

These medical yokes are offered by Harris Calorific with extensive filter and metal or neoprene seal. This also provides maximum protection to the yokes against any damages.

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