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THE Scorpion stainless steel electric motor is an IP66 rated hose-proof and dust-proof IEC metric frame 304 stainless motor, available from Harrington Electric Motors .

The motor’s rolled stainless steel construction without any stator fins makes it suitable for use in any food industry, including chicken, seafood and meat processing, fruit juice, wine, marine, pharmaceutical, chemical and any other process where cleanliness is critical.

Special features include an etched nameplate into the stainless body, NTN blue seal bearings, rated from -40°C to +200°C, double lipped metal housed oil seals both end, with gamma seal drive end shaft.

Also fitted are four quadrant drain plugs each endshield with one "T" drain plug each end which allows condensation to be released.

The terminal box is completely sealed from the stator housing and is also completely encapsulated to prevent any moisture reaching the windings.

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