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Dodge Quantis modular gear drives from Hargil Dynamics

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article image Dodge Quantis modular gear drive from Hargil Dynamics

The Dodge Quantis product line, available from Hargil Dynamics , features a full range of modular gear drives engineered for increased horsepower capabilities, flexibility, and greater torque density in a compact housing design.

Hargil Dynamics pride themselves on having a highly comprehensive range of geared motors and gearboxes available, in a range of shaft designs.

Geared motors and gearboxes from Hargil Dynamics cover the range from 0.18-160kw with output speeds from 0.5-600RPM, and have solid or hollow output shafts, with flange, foot, or shaft mounting.

Hargil Dynamic gearboxes are available fitted with a range of motors, including:

  • AC motors, both 3ph and 1ph
  • brake motors
  • exe and flameproof motors
  • washdown and stainless steel motors; and
  • DC motors, both high and low voltage.

The Dodge Quantis line of modular gear drives features 8 different sizes each with mounting flexibility and heavy duty base plate.

Additional key features of Dodge Quantis modular gear drives include:

  • fractional to 1600 Hp 
  • ratios of 2.25 to 194.6
  • up to 56,000 Nm torque
  • direct coupled
  • top mount
  • scoop mount.


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