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Baldor AC motors from Hargil Dynamics

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Hargil Dynamics  offer Baldor AC motors with IEC Metric Flange Mounting. They are notable because of their improved efficiency which results in less heat and lower operating temperatures.

Further features of Baldor AC motors:

  • IP55 Enclosure
  • Increased volume of copper, minimises operating temperature rise, reduces resistance, and reduces stator and load losses. 
  • Bearings meet ABEC-1 tolerances, regreasable through easily accessible fittings. 
  • Premium quality Copper Windings are ten times more resistant to moisture than commonly used 185°C wire. 
  • Wound using ISR wire which is up to 100 times more resistant to transient spikes, high frequencies, and short rise time pulses produced by inverters.  
  • Baldor AC motors are packed with ‘Mobil Polyrex EM’, moisture resistant, high temperature grease. 
  • Bearings designed to give ABEC-B10 life or 30,000 hours under rated conditions. 
  • High strength and rigidity from cast iron body and end plates. 
  • Terminal box with generous internal capacity and rotatable in 90° increments. 
  • Anti-condensation one-way drain plugs at the lowest point of motor housing.
  • Stator slot design with an increased number of slots improves both the efficiency and power factor within the Baldor AC motors. 
  • Advanced computer analysed core designs a longer overall core length ensure high inductive performance, lower flux density, and increased cooling capacity, reducing both magnetic and load losses.

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