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Established in 1977, Hargil Dynamics are electrical and power transmission engineers. Hargil Dynamics provide power transmission products including inline helical and worm geared motors, AC and DC electric motors, AC variable speed drives, KB chassis mount and enclosed controls, electromagnetic brakes and clutches, position indicators, mechanical variators.

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18/07/11 - Designed to provide variable speed control of standard three phase AC induction motors, KBVF series AC variable speed drives are now available from Hargil Dynamics.
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02/05/11 - Mayr safety clutches are now available from Hargil Dynamics. They are part of the full range of torque limiters, brakes, including super quiet brakes.
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19/11/10 - Available now from Hargil Dynamics, SIKO SZW 80 mechanical position indicators are a new generation in position indicator with a counter for unambiguous measured value indication.
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19/11/10 - Available from Hargil Dynamics, Rossi worm gear motors feature a cylindrical worm shaft with a ground and superfinished involute profile.
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