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Agricultural chemicals from Hardman Australia

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Hardman Australia  is known for manufacturing a wide range of aluminium hydroxy chlorides for the wastewater, water, paper and pulp industries. Hardman Australia also specialises in manufacturing and supplying antiperspirant actives for cosmetic industry.

Hardman Australia is known for distributing a comprehensive range of agricultural chemicals that are widely used in the galvanising industry. The product line of Hardman Australia includes aluminium chlorohydrate, polyaluminium chloride solution, aluminium chloride solution, ferric sulphate, zinc chloride powder and zinc sulphate heptahydrate.

The zinc chloride powder is commonly used in dry cell batteries, wood preservation and dehydrating agents. The zinc sulphate heptahydrate is used as a potential zinc nutrient source in agriculture and horticulture sectors.

Hardman Australia also offers technical assistance in the areas of process water and wastewater applications along with drinking water treatment. The professionals at Hardman Australia assist customers regarding recommended chemical treatment and its removal capability with different water treatment equipment such as clarification, floatation and sludge de-watering systems.

Hardman Australia also undertakes evaluations to determine appropriate chemical treatment for various types of equipment.

The agricultural chemicals from Hardman Australia are known for their quality and efficiency. These chemicals can be used for a wide variety of water treatment applications such as vacuum filtration and dissolved air floatation. It is also ideal to use these chemicals in wedge wire screens, centrifuges and filters presses.

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