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Happy Planet calls for legislation allowing hempseed food for human consumption

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Hempseed food is the most nutritional, complete food on the planet, yet, in Australia, the general public is being denied access to this food because the government has not passed legislation allowing hempseed food for human consumption, due to ignorance of the industrial hemp industry.

In 2004, the American government legalised hempseed food for human consumption but the Australian government chose not to do the same. But there is a rapidly growing demand in Australia for hempseed foods which helps in lobbying the government.

Industrial hempseed food does not contain THC (the physcoactive ingredient that gets people high), but does contain all essential amino acids for humans and is easily digested. Hempseed contains more omegas than fish oil. Hempseed food is a great source of quality protein, contains fibre and is a replacement for soy products and safe from GM contamination.

Pure hempseed protein is produced from hempseed meal, which is what remains of the hempseed after being cold pressed for the oil.

Australian industrial hemp is grown without herbicides or pesticides and little water. Approximately 100 days after sowing the seeds, the hemp is harvested. The seeds are shaken loose from the hemp plant, bagged and sent to the mill for cold pressing.

After extracting the oil, the hempseed meal is milled into powder in a patented mill using high velocity self impacting technology that does not expose the hempseed to heat, light or oxygen, enabling the hempseed to retain all its nutrients: complete proteins, essential fatty acids (omega 3&6), vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and a complete, balanced gluten-free source of the essential amino acids.

More information on hemp products is available at Happy Planet.

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