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Industrial hemp foos including hemp flour, oil and protein powder and hemp oil based dog food.


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19/10/07 - Industrial hemp is not just a food source; it is a clean, renewable resource. Per hectare, industrial hemp yields 4 times that of the yield from trees, and double the yield of cotton. Trees take at least 5 years to grow for paper or pulp, compared to
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18/10/07 - Hempseed food is the most nutritional, complete food on the planet, yet, in Australia, the general public is being denied access to this food because the government has not passed legislation allowing hempseed food for human consumption, due to ignor
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17/10/07 - The hemp plant has two constituent parts: the fibre and the woody core or 'shiv'. Demand for both of these is growing rapidly with the demand for hemp in construction material, where the shiv is used as an energy efficient building material and the f

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