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Transmitter acquires and transmits pH, ORP and temp measurements

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article image Stores up to 6000 samples.

Hanna Instruments Process Division has released the HI 504910 digital transmitter, capable of acquiring and transmitting pH, ORP and °C measurements in a digital format to the HI 504 controller, or a computer workstation.

The digital link allows the user to send additional information regarding the pH, ORP and temperature probes. Moreover, this transmitter is provided with the sensor check feature for pH and ORP electrodes, and can be connected to a Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensor (with automatic recognition and damage test). The general setting and measurement parameters of the instrument can be easily set by the user independently for pH and ORP configurations.

The pH range can be calibrated through a normal two-point procedure or through the one-point system using the HI 504920 (see following page). The temperature compensation mode can be automatic or manual (automatically selected when a temperature input error occurs). The transmitter can store up to 6000 samples, pH/°C or ORP, complete with information about last calibration data (date and time, pH offset and slope, number and values of the used buffers). All stored data can be downloaded through the RS485 communication port using our HI 92500 software.

The HI 504910 is supplied with instructions.

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