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Dissolved oxygen meter for waste water

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article image Designed with a waterproof casing.

TAKING dissolved oxygen measurements in wastewater applications can sometimes subject instrumentation to the inclemency of the weather and the occasional dunking, both of which may cause damage to some meters.

Hanna Instruments HI9143 waterproof dissolved oxygen meter has been designed with a waterproof casing (IP67) to avoid this problem.

The new and improved HI9143 measures and displays dissolved oxygen from 0 to 300%, 0 to 45mg/L, and temperature from 0 to 50°C. Both O2 and temperature readings are displayed simultaneously.

In addition, HI9143 also provides compensation for salinity, altitude and temperature factors, ensuring the best possible readings under particular conditions.

Simple on-site calibration requires no chemical solutions. Just expose the probe to air and press the CAL button. In a couple of minutes the meter is calibrated and ready to use. Auto-calibration eliminates the need for tools to adjust the reading.

The meter operates from either 4 x 1.5V AA batteries or a 12V dc transformer.

Supplied with probe, spare membranes, electrolyte solution, batteries and carrying case, HI9143 is a "must have" tool.

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