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Combined controller and pump.

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article image Kynar, Teflon and glass used for all components in contact with the chemical being dosed.

HANNA Instruments Process Division has released BL7916/BL7917 combined controller and pump.

They have been developed for the measurement and control of pH or ORP and the regulated dosing of chemicals. They eliminate the need to purchase multiple instruments by combining both the controller and pump into one wall-mounted unit. The unit features accurate regulation, proportional dosing, level control input, alarm contacts, and 4mA-20mA isolated recorder signal.

The pump and controller are housed in a fibre-reinforced polypropylene casing (IP65). The pumps use Kynar, Teflon and glass for all components in contact with the chemical being dosed. 5m of LDPE tubing are also supplied. This choice of material allows the pump to handle a wide variety of chemicals.

BL7916/BL7917 have a maximum output of 13.3L/h at 0.5 bar. Additional pumping capacity can be gained by connecting a second pump to the auxiliary dosing contacts. A diaphragm pump action eliminates rotating parts and gears, reducing the chance of mechanical failure. The pump is self-priming to a height of 1.5m. Data is easily recorded by connecting a recorder to the instrument's isolated 4mA-20mA output contacts conveniently located on the front panel. A wide range of optional pH and ORP sensors are available.

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