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Professional pH kit for winemaking

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HANNA Instruments has introduced the HI222 professional pH kit for winemaking.

The HI222 is a meter dedicated to wine measurement. The bench meter allows a two point calibration using buffers 7 and 3. Since wine analysis occurs ideally in the range 2.5 to 3.6 pH, errors due to calibration are greatly minimised.

Calibration Check features on the meter prompt the user to clean the electrode if required and can warn if the buffer has been contaminated.

The electrode condition and response time are displayed and monitored on the meter's LCD. The user can program a calibration reminder using the Calibration Alarm Time Out. The HI222 also features Log-On-Demand.

The meter is supplied with a specialised electrode for wine measurement. The HI1048P electrode has a Teflon sleeve junction. This design means maintenance and cleaning is minimised in difficult samples like wine, grape juice, and must.

A pH electrode gets dirty very rapidly during measurement of must because sediments deposit on the pH measuring bulb and on the electrode junction.

Included with the meter are application specific cleaning solutions for the removal of wine stains and deposits. Proper cleaning of the electrode guarantees accurate measurements.

The HI222 is a complete kit for wine pH analysis. It is supplied complete with a HI1048P glass body combination pH electrode with BNC connector + PIN and a one metre cable.

The kit also includes an HI7669/2W stainless steel temperature probe, HI74606 electrode holder, pH 3.00 and pH 7.01 calibration solutions for wine calibration, wine stains and deposits cleaning solutions, storage solution, 12V dc adapter, quick reference card for pH in wine analysis, and an instruction manual.

The HI222 meter has a five year warranty.

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