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article image Alerts user if parameters unsuitable.

HANNA Instruments has introduced the HI221 and HI223 pH meters featuring Calibration Check.

A common problem associated with pH measurements is the use of a pH electrode that has not been properly cleaned.

This is very important because during calibration the instrument assumes the electrode used is clean. Measurements of pH, based on the calibration of a dirty electrode, will be incorrect.

Hanna's HI221 and HI223 feature Calibration Check to overcome potential errors.

The HI221 and HI223 meters compare the characteristics of the pH electrode from one calibration to the next. The Calibration Check feature alerts the user if parameters are not suitable for an accurate calibration.

For example, the user is prompted to clean the electrode if required, and is warned if the buffer has been contaminated.

The electrode condition and response time are displayed on the meters' LCD. Further features include Calibration Alarm Time Out, "Log-On-Demand", Last Calibration Date and Data, Instrument ID, and PC Interface.

The HI221 and HI223 are supplied complete with HI1131P glass-body combination pH electrode with BNC connection + PIN and one metre cable, HI7669/2W stainless steel temperature probe, HI76404 electrode holder, pH 4.01 and pH 7.01 calibration solutions, electrolyte solution, 12V dc adapter, and instruction manual.

The HI221 and HI223 meters have a five year warranty.

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