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article image Simultaneous graphing and logging of each independent channel on the screen.

HANNA Instruments has released the HI4211 (single channel) and HI4212 (dual channel) meters with Calibration Check. They measure pH, ORP mV, ISE mV and temperature with readings shown on the backlit dot matrix display.

The meters provide simultaneous graphing and logging of each independent channel on the screen. Displayed information includes extensive GLP data, concurrent measurement readout and logged graphed data, calibration data with value of buffers used and calibration expiration date and definition of the ionic strength constant value (ISE measurements only). The meters also provide on-screen, feature-related help. Users can access current content-related guidelines and procedures.

The two measurement channels of the HI4212 are galvanically-isolated to eliminate noise and instability. In ISE mode these instruments provide the user with a choice of several incremental methods. Communication is via opto-isolated USB and RS232 ports. Both meters also feature auto end point mode and an acoustic signal alarm.

The instruments perform electrode diagnostics to ensure that the electrode used is in good condition. As part of the Calibration Check feature users are warned with a graphic message if the measurement is outside the calibration range. Users can choose up to five calibration points with standard or custom buffers.

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