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Bench multi-parameter photometers for swimming pools

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Hanna Instruments Laboratory Division has released the HI 83216 and HI 83226, cost-effective photometers that allow swimming pool water parameters like chlorine and pH to be monitored daily.

Chlorine is used in swimming pools to disinfect water, but its effectiveness depends on the pH value. If these parameters are not constantly controlled a growth of micro-organisms dangerous to health can occur. If the chlorine level is too high the water takes on an unpleasant smell and can cause eye irritation. Cyanuric acid is used as a stabilising agent for chlorine, especially in summer time or in heated pools. Alkalinity and hardness controls are equally important, as they permit the maintenance of water in a balanced condition and prevent corrosion or deposit problems.

The HI 83216 and HI 83226 are practical electronic photometers designed to monitor these parameters. The user puts a sample in the cuvet and zero the meter, adds reagents and re-inserts the cuvet into the meter. The analysis result is then shown on the display. With HI 83216, the six most important parameters for swimming pools (including pH, free and total chlorine and alkalinity) can be measured. The HI 83226 can also measure bromine, ozone and metals like iron and copper.

The HI 83216 and HI 83226 are supplied with a rugged carrying case, four cuvets, batteries, scissors, tissue for wiping cuvets and instructions.

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