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Automated irrigation and fertilisation controller

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HANNA Instruments ' new F1 Fertigation controllers are a practical solution to automated irrigation and fertilisation control for up to 32 sectors.

These controllers are suitable for large fields, greenhouses, hydroponic and soil farms, orchards, public gardens and golf courses.

The unit is capable of controlling mixing, agitation and level control, filter flushing and water pump activation.

The F1 controller uses a dual probe system to verify measurements.

Control is performed precisely and automatically from any distance (with HI98142-22 transmitter), by using both analogue and digital signal inputs and outputs, as well as an RS232 output for a PC or network interface with custom software.

Features include:

* 16 digital inputs for temporary break, conditional stop, irrigation count, and fertilizer, acid, mixing and external tank level controls.

* Six analogue inputs for pH sensors, EC sensors and solar radiation sensors.

* Two non-consent alarm relays.

* Seven digital outputs for filter back flushing, pH and fertiliser tanks.

* PID control reduces overdosing and large oscillations in the mixing process.

* Logging of all executed programs with values of all parameters.

The information on the face of the unit consists of:

* Four-level LCD used for programming and data presentation.

* 32 light emitting diodes (LEDs) for each sector valve.

* Nine LEDs for each of the fertiliser tanks, pH control, mixer and filters.

* Two extra large LED's for the alarm and pump functions.

The F1 controller is available in both panel mount and wall mount (NEMA 4X enclosure) versions.

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