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Waterproof die cast enclosures

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article image New enclosures -- 18 sizes.

HAMMOND Electronics has extended its range of waterproof die-cast enclosures with the introduction of several new sizes in its 1590W Series.

Eighteen different sizes, ranging from 50 x 50 x 27mm to 120 x 120 x 90mm are available, all with a choice of plain or flanged lids.

The sealing is achieved by a factory-applied extruded silicon rubber seal around the periphery of the lid closure; the lid can be repeatedly opened and closed without degrading the seal integrity.

The lid's stainless steel securing screws are fitted with 'O' rings, and all units are available in standard unpainted vibra finish or tough black powder painted finish.

Plain lids are used when the enclosure is free-standing; if it is to be attached to a surface the flanged lid provides the required mounting plates, and also prevent tampering by concealing the lid screws.

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