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Fans and control panels from Hamilton Australia

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Hamilton Australia  offers wide range of fans and control panels including RN series centrifugal which has a body constructed of white or grey UPVC. This fan can also be manufactured from polypropylene to provide excellent heat and chemical resistance.

Hamilton Australia provides fume cupboard controller which has true velocity sensing, accurate face velocity and fast system response time. Hamilton Australia supplies large centrifugal fan produced from palmer tube mills. Hamilton Australia provides Hamilton IB integral scrubber unit that ensures full coverage of filter medium with spray nozzles. The scrubber unit has a demister pad that aids in reducing the quality of air born particles.

Hamilton Australia supplies IT series induced turbulence scrubber that helps in minimizing the required floor space and is produced from polypropylene. Hamilton Australia supplies WC series induced turbulence scrubber that has 12 standard units and capacity ranging between 250 to 5500 litres.

Hamilton Australia offers packed tower scrubbers awhich are suitable for aggressive situations. The various other varieties of scrubbers offered by Hamilton Australia includes packed tower scrubber and palmer tube mills scrubber.

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